project stages

For anyone who is unsure what to expect during a design project listed below are the different design stages explained.

site survey

Every Strachan Architecture  project will start with a site survey.  We will visit site in the first instance to get a feel for your project and site.  We will take measurements whilst on site to ensure we have accurate information.


When we meet with our clients we will ask an array of questions to find out exactly what our clients require from their projects.  In some cases these are presented back to the client in written format.

feasibility study

Perhaps you have a  piece of land, existing house or building and you are not quite sure what you want or what can be done with it.  If this is the case we can provide you with options to what is feasible on your site.  Very often clients know exactly what they want and a feasibility study is not required.

initial design to planning

After the site survey and any required feasibility study have been undertaken we can now start designing your project.  This stage involves developing a design around your client brief and site survey information.  The aim of this stage is to  design your project and prepare drawings for submission to the local authority planning department for approval.  Planning Applications are essentially to  approve what the external appearance of your project is going to be like and to assess how your project may affect the surrounding area.  Submission of plans to the local planning authority is mandatory, however there are instances where Planning approval is not required under house holder permitted development rights.

detailed design to building warrant

After your project has been submitted to the local planning authority it is now time to prepare detailed drawings and specifications showing how your project is constructed.  The detailed drawings and specification will then be submitted to your local Building Standards Authority for Approval.  The role of Building Standards is to assess your project and to ensure the project complies with Statutory Legislation under the following topics, Structure, Fire, Environment, Safety, Noise and Sustainability.  It is at this stage that the services of Structural Engineers and other external consultants may be required to accompany your Building Standards Application.  This stage is almost always required unless there are no structural works or no major external alterations.


After Building Standards have approved the project, drawings are then prepared and submitted to different Building Contractors with the goal of obtaining the cost of the construction project.  Contractors are generally chosen by waying up the cost of the project and the quality of their construction proposal.  Depending on the size and scale of the project the stage may not be required.  Particularly in small residential projects this stage is not required as many clients have a Contractor previously chosen.

Construction to completion

We have all the required statutory approvals we can now start constructing your project.  At various stages within the project Building Standards will require to attend site to ensure construction is as shown on the drawings.  You can appoint Strachan Architecture to monitor your project on site ensuring that your project runs smoothly onsite and assisting the Contractor where required.  Smaller projects tend to not require site supervision but we like to see our projects on site so we tend to drop in from time to time.  When your project is completed Building Standards will be notified and they will visit site to inspect the completed work.